Meet Beth,


Hey Kalispell, My name is Beth Sibert, and I'm running for House District 8.

Growing up in the woods near Tally Lake, I was raised on the kind of adventures city people dream of. My parents prioritized travel, outdoor recreation, and hardwork. My days were spent playing on national forest land, riding my bike on dirt roads, and camping along pristine lakes. My favorite childhood memory is of time spent exploring the rivers with my dad on his drift boat.

A photograph of Beth as a baby sitting on a wooden sled

I attended West Valley School k-8, and graduated from Flathead High School in 1999. My parents both worked as registered nurses at Kalispell Regional, and I followed in their healthcare footsteps. After graduating with Recreational Therapy and Spanish degrees from Eastern Washington University, I returned to the Flathead Valley to work at Kalispell Regional/Logan Health, where I've been for 19 years.

A photograph of Beth sitting in a boat on the river while wearing sunglasses and a bucket hat

I began my career at Pathways Treatment Center and In-patient Rehabilitation. Working with people in crisis gave me a deep connection to our community and a sense of joy and purpose. I was able to sit with people who were suffering and give them tools to regain their confidence and independence.

The Flathead Valley I know and love is rapidly changing from the community that brought me up. As I raise my own two kids here, I want them to share and experience Montana values the way I remember them, while creating memories of their own.

  • My Montana is full of interesting people from all walks of life who care about each other.
  • My Montana is full of people who are passionate about the outdoors and work to protect it.
  • My Montana carries pride for our communities, state, and country.
  • My Montana is made up of people who work hard and take care of each other.
  • My Montana is kind, curious, humble, and hardworking.
  • My Montana is like the woods and rivers that raised me: Exciting, free, and a little wild.

That's why I'm running to be your representative in the Montana legislature. I'll need your help to spread this message. If I don't see you on the campaign trail, maybe I'll see you on the hiking trail with my 2 dogs Angus and Fergie.

  • A photograph of Beth as a baby sitting on a wooden sled
  • A photograph of Beth at a football game with her partner
  • A vlack and white photograph of Beth walking with her children in Kalispell
  • A photograph of Beth as a child riding her bike alongside her father running
  • A photograph of Beth holding a microphone asking a question to a speaker
  • A photograph of Beth sitting in a boat on the river while wearing sunglasses and a bucket hat
  • A photograph of Beth and her parents in her father's drift boat
  • A recent photograph of Beth standing in a canola field with her children and partner
  • A photograph of Beth sitting in a kayak around sunset
  • A photograph of Beth in the forest with her parents and sister